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Hydraulic Accumulators

Alabama Bolt & Supply is a distributor of Parker's broad accumulator product line, including piston, bladders and diaphragms. Let us recommend and supply the best engineered solution based upon your application.


Parker’s Hydro-pneumatic Accumulators regulate the performance of a hydraulic system by providing an additional volume of system fluid, pressurized by an external gas supply. A correctly specified accumulator can:

  • Reduce shock effects in a system resulting from inertia or external mechanical forces
  • Maintain system pressure by compensating for pressure loss due to leakage
  • Provide a back-up supply of hydraulic energy to maintain a constant flow when system demand is greater than pump delivery.

In industrial applications, three types of hydro-pneumatic accumulators are widely used – the piston type, bladder type and diaphragm type. Each has particular advantages and limitations which should be considered when selecting an accumulator for a specific application.





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