Fluid Air Systems Technology

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High Speed / Vane Motors

Alabama Bolt & Supply offers Parker heavy duty vane motors and high speed motors.


Vane Motor features include heavy duty bearings, low mechanical losses, integrated valves possible (anti cavitation check, proportional pressure relief valve, ...), low noise, bi-rotational technology and internal or external drain possible with the uni-rotational option.


High Speed Motor features include:

  • High Starting Torque typically 90% of running torque.
  • Smooth Output Torque throughout the entire speed range of the motor.
  • High Speed Capabilities up to 7500 rpm on some models.
  • Bi-Directional Operation built in checks internally relieve high pressure from the shaft seal.
  • High Pressure Shaft Seal allows back pressure to 400 PSI without the requirement of Case Drain.
  • Standard SAE Mounting 2 or 4 bolt mounting flanges, shaft and port dimensions conform to SAE standards.
  • Long Life & Quiet Operation:
    Precision Gerotor Design results in a motor with extended operating life and noise levels below most other hydraulic motors.
  • Heavy Duty Bearings capable of withstanding radial and thrust loads.




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