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Rotary Actuators


Alabama Bolt & Supply offers Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuators that provide reliability, efficiency and safety for your applications. These actuators offer the highest product quality and are continually being improved so you can benefit from long service life and increased productivity.


Why Use Parker Rotary Actuators?

  • Provides uniform torque in both directions.
  • Offers simple design and a wide range of sizes.
  • Delivers high torque output in a small package size.
  • Improves efficient operation and extends time between servicing.
  • Performs under the most adverse ambient conditions.
  • No external linkage needed for rotary motion.
  • Good load holding capability with no drift.
  • Optional cushions can stop inertial loads*.
    (*within actuator limits)
  • Rotation can be specified to fit exact application needs.




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